Identify all legal issues, including, but not limited to, the rights and liabilities of Enzo, Gina, Mr. Buyer, and Mr. Landlord and Time Warner Cable.

Enzo, an enterprising young college student was deep in debt. His life has not been easy. His father died when he was an infant and his mother abandoned him in order to marry a rich CPA. Enzo was
bounced around between relatives and foster care, but has been on his own for the past couple of years. He finished high school early and has started college at age 17. Enzo is in desperate need of
cash for books, food, tuition, and rent. He has decided to permanently borrow a car from his girlfriend, Gina who is also 17. Gina is in the military reserves and has been called to active military
duty. Gina asked that Enzo take possession and care of the car until she returns. As compensation, Gina gave Enzo the right to use the car while it is in his care. Enzo agreed. Enzo knew that he
would be spending most of his time at Ginas apartment. Before Gina left, Enzo wanted her to get cable from Time Warner so he could watch his favorite shows in HD. Gina agreed but insisted that
Enzo also co-sign the one year contract for cable along with her. The contract called for $50.00 per month for the twelve (12) months. Two days after Gina departed, Enzo placed the car on eBay and
sold it to the highest bidder. Enzo forged Ginas signature on the car title to allow the sale to Mr. Buyer. Mr. Buyer had never met Enzo or Gina and assumed that the car belonged to Enzo and the
sale was legitimate. Enzo signed Ginas name to Mr. Buyers check and negotiated the check over to Mr. Landlord for rent. One week later, Gina unexpectedly returned. Gina now wants her car back and
has filed a lawsuit against Enzo and Mr. Buyer. Mr. Buyer wants his money and is suing Enzo and Mr. Landlord. You are the legal aid attorney assigned to represent Enzo. Enzo tells you to just void
the sale of the car since he is legally a minor and can void contracts. Further, Enzo instructs you that if a judgment is made against him to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and discharge the debt.
After Gina files the lawsuit against Enzo, he begins to harass Gina, both by making repeatedly obscene telephone calls to her cell phone and by confronting her at her work and at her apartment,
making threatening gestures and demanding that she drop the lawsuit.

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