identify who your California State Assembly and State Senate representatives are. Also identify these individuals by their full name and what district they represent.

In the textbook “American Government and Politics Today” Chapter Eleven examines Congress and the nature of representation in U.S. society:However, while Chapter 11 focuses on Congress, in this discussion forum I am going to have you look at lower levels of government as well. So to start things out, find out on the Internet who your national, state, and local representatives are. For national, just identify who your representative is in the House. Identify this representative by their full name and their respective district number. Lastly, find out which city (or municipality) you are incorporated into, and identify your respective city council representative and which district they cover. No strict word count is necessary for this response as it just requires you to list out the information.
Next, choose one representative out of the four that you identified above and find out which standing committee they either chair or serve on. Describe what this committee is mainly concerned about then describe to what degree (or not) that you personally support the convictions and beliefs of this particular representative. Your answer here should be at least 250 words. Now also respond back to at least two of your peers. Each response should be at
least 250 words. For your answers above please make sure to cite accordingly with proper APA formatting for your in-text and Reference List mechanics. Since this discussion assignment is a little different from what I typically assign to you, I am leaving it open as to what sources you choose to use to validate your information.

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