In 5-6 pages (time new roman, size 12 font, double spaced) Putting aside your personal feelings about race and ethnicity, what are the implication of race and ethnicity for different members of society?

(i.e., despite race/ethnicity being a social construct, how may race/ethnicity effect individuals? How may this apply to the development of the self and social institutions? )To help with this Essay: watch the documentary True Colors (it is available on YouTube.) Here, Diane Sawyer and her news crew stage what is basically a “match study” experiment by pairing John, a white male, and Glen, a Black male. She follows them with a series of hidden cameras and exposes racism in a variety of settings.Feel free to use other outside sources as long as they are properly cited. The paper has to be 100% plagiarism free. This essay is 30% of the final grade. Professor is serious about plagiarism. The assignment will be submitted on safe assign through blackboard on CUNY system.

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