In your Theory 4-2-2-1 you will need to do the following, using headers to separate each section: Summarize what you believe to be the Four (4) most important points of the theory.

Explain all aspects of each key point and why they are the most important points.
Describe two (2) criticisms of this theory and the validity of those criticisms. This will be
included in your essay or you may be required to critique the theoretical concepts based on
your firsthand knowledge of the world and knowledge of other theories.
Describe two (2) policies you could create and/or change, to put this theory into real life practice.
Assuming your assigned theory is valid, how would it be applied?
What is one (1) way you could test this theory? Design a brief social science
study/experiment to test the theory. Do not simply write, I would study the effect of HOW
would you study the effects?
Grading Criteria
Comprehensiveness ~ did you do all of the task? were you thorough? 10 pts
Quality of research / Integration of concepts to course 10pts
Style/format and expression ~ does your writing make sense and conform to format guidelines? 10pts
35 pts creation of note outlines, written in note taking format (samples are on Canvas)
Detailed note outlines help students know what to study and learning how to condense the work of others
is a valuable skill. Students need to read and note their assigned essay and share with others via Canvas.

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