Interpret the application of laws, court cases, and customs.

The Goals of this Paper:a. Identify primary source documents appropriate to your research.

c. Create an argument and use primary sources to support your claim.
Understand the critical connection of the historical past and how it shapes todays experiences.Paper Logistics:
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1. 5-6 pages
2. Citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago Style with works cited page and in text citations.
3. Use primary and secondary sources (at least 3) and uses the Zinn PDF
4. Contains an argumentPaper Contents/Structure:The introductory paragraph must contain an argument (thesis). Although this seems to be an informative paper, it still must have a point. For instance, The life of a typical Mexican woman during the colonial period in America was exceptionally challenging. Through the scrutiny of the concept of the cult of domesticity, Manifest Destiny, and the Greaser Law it becomes apparent that Mexican women faced a multitude of oppression much like her African American counterpart that still intimately defines her position in society today.Next, you would begin to construct your colonial identity in first person.

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