Is the step in the papermaking process typical of hand papermaking, machine papermaking, or both?

Circle one
1. Retting
Hand Machine Both
2. Groundwood pulping
Hand Machine Both
3. Sheet formation
Hand Machine Both
4. Alum-rosin sizing
Hand Machine Both
5. Sizing
Hand Machine Both B. Identify whether the actions in the following list best fit the definition of “Conservation” or “Preservation.”
Circle one
1. Rebinding a damaged circulation book.
Preservation Conservation 2. Creating microfilm from a brittle book.
Preservation Conservation 3. Fumigating insects from a collection of manuscripts.
Preservation Conservation
Indicate whether the component would be described as the support, the media, or the binder.
Circle one or more
1. Paper
Media Binder Support 2. Carbon particles
Media Binder Support 3. Egg white
Media Binder Support 4. Iron
Media Binder Support 5. Indigo
Media Binder Support 6. Wood panel
Media Binder Support D.
On which of the following dates would it be possible that a European manuscript was written in iron gall ink? Choose all that apply.Select one or more:
a. 1750 AD
b. 900 AD
c. 1850 AD
E. The paper of a book printed in America in 1835 could have which of the following attributes? List all that apply.
Select one or more:
a. Made from groundwood pulp.
b. Made from bleached pulp.
c. Fibers beaten by machine.
F. True or False: Traditional European letterpress printing inks are more chemically permanent than iron gall manuscript inks.1.
Which of the following best describes Gary Frost’s assessment of bookbinding practices from the 16th through 19th centuries?
Select one:
a. Bookbinding developed into a trade which kept up with production demands by eliminating certain binding features.
b. The limp vellum binding is an exception to the rule that the quality of bindings deteriorates during this period.
c. Bookbinding was relatively unchanged until the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century.
d. Bookbinding became streamlined, resulting in a general reduction in quality as quantity increased. 2. What is the name for the substance found in plants which forms all paper fibers?3.
Match the name of the binding component with its definition.Doublure.

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