Management Information Systems:Communication technologies

Pick a topic for your mind map from the list of topics below.
Expectations are that the map will have a minimum of:
• 30 child nodes (content)
• 5 hyperlinks
• 5 notes
• Some structure: color, font variations, clouds, etc (see the scoring method below)
Suggested Topics:
• Cloud computing
• Outsourcing MIS
• Server Virtualization
• Client Virtualization
• RSS Feeds
• Security
• Encryption
• Social Networking (Blogs, Forums, Communities of Practice)
• Simulation
• Search engines
• Robotics
• Data Mining
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
• Knowledge management
• Decision Support Systems (DSS)
• Virtual communities
• Nanotechnology
• Sensor technology & networks
• Open source software
• Peer to Peer networks
• Communication technologies
• Sustainability (environmental efforts related to MIS)
• Agile programming methodology vs. Waterfall methodology
• Semantic web
• Quantum computing
• Worms & Trojan Horses
• MIS workplace productivity improvements (Economics)
• MIS labor market analysis
• Technology acceptance models (TAM, UTAUT, etc.)
• HCI (Human Computer Interface)

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