Mental Retardation.

The paper should address classification, assessment, and treatment of the disorder.
Papers should be written in APA format and the title/reference pages should not be included in
the three to five page limit.
A list of the disorders:
1.Mental Retardation
2.Commucication Disorders
4.Rumination Disorders
5.Tics Disorder
6.Tourette’s Disorder
7.Elimination Disorders
8.Selective Mutism
9.Stereotyped Movement Disorder
10.Rett’s Disorder
11.Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
•Some of these disorders are further broken down (i.e., Communication Disorders are broken down
into Expressive Language Disorder, Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder…). Chose only
one of the disorders that fall into that category of disorders (i.e. Expressive Language Disorder)
and write about that.

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