Our Writers

We welcome you to PremiumResearchWriters.com. Our goal is to continually enhance our services: outlining and writing services. We serve all educational levels, including high school, college and university. For university students, we produce papers for undergraduates, graduate, Master’s and PhD courses.

How we choose our writers

There are so many worldwide freelance writers who apply for a job in our company. Even so, we take the time to choose the candidates who can pass our strict eligibility test. The first thing we do is to test our applicants to ensure that they can write English as if it is their first language. So we give them a number of English tests to determine how well they can write English papers. Another test entails writing formats that are recognized internationally including APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian. After this we will ask each applicant to submit a sample assignment within a given time frame. This sample demonstrates the writer’s ability to research and write on a given topic and complete the paper as soon as possible. Our writers to be must be knowledgeable in many different subjects and be agile to serve the customers who need an urgent service.

How we assess writers continuously and progressively

Our company believes in quality control and partly this includes appraising our writers. We want to assess their skills and abilities as we move forward. So we have a Writer’s Evaluation Department that randomly examines papers from recent orders in order to guarantee that our high quality standards were met.   Additionally, we test our writers every month as a way of re-assessing their English writing, editing and formatting skills and capabilities. Moreover, we ask our customers to provide a rating for their writers and to add a comment so the future customers can have some sort of reference before deciding to buy. We use special rating criteria.

How we recognize writer’s achievements

We have a quality control system and a Writer’s Rating system that help us monitor and rank writers’ performance. We use the following indicators when rating a writer:

  • An expert editor’s assessment report on general writing abilities of a writer based on three randomly picked assignments.
  • The average rating given by visitors in a particular area.
  • Disciplinary actions taken on a writer because of low quality work, disputes and lateness.
  • The amount of repeat customers a writer has.
  • A writer’s choice of topics.

There are benefits to using a flexible Quality Control system and the Writer’s Rating system. First, these systems allow us to rate each writer and keep their most current rating. As our system is very versatile, a writer’s rank may keep on going up and down. If you ask for a writer who served you previously, there may be additional fee if their rank has gone up. On the other hand, you may pay the normal price if the rating for the writer you want has deteriorated since the time you worked together. Although this writer’s rating may have decreased, you should still hire them for another project as they already understand your needs.

Where are our writers based?

Any place with an internet access is okay for our freelance writers. So we employ all capable writers regardless of their country. But we mostly end up choosing many writers from popular English-speaking nations: the UK, US and Canada. These writers speak and write flawless English papers that do not need extra editing and it is a fact that they are knowledgeable in many academic topics. Our writers must also demonstrate their ability to write for all types of students including high school, college and university students. We as well have great writers from countries that do not speak English as their mother tongue. However, they write as if they are native English speakers. If you want a native writer, simply request that option when filling our online order form.

How we assign orders

We have a criterion for assigning new orders to writers. Each order is provided to the best writer after considering their background, the topics they are good at writing and whether they have a degree in the particular topic you have. We always focus on the level of experience our writers have and their rating on the areas they prefer writing on. Lastly we make sure that a writer has enough time to complete another customer’s work. This decision is made depending on how many pending orders they have.

How to tell that the writer who will write for me is adequately capable

It is good that you personally choose a writer. There is a small fee of five dollars charged to those who want to view a writer’s previous samples. It is also possible that you submit a free inquiry. Then writers will bid on this inquiry and then you will be able to view some of the sample pages they have written before picking the best. This way we let you choose the writer that can best serve you.

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