Outline and evaluate the policies an organisation might adopt to overcome pay differences based on gender. For this part of the assessment you can cite the steps taken by organisations that might be seen as exemplars.

The volume around the issue of gender pay gap in the UAE has increased in recent months and there are several factors that have contributed to the intensity of the debate. It is an issue that has polarised opinion around the differences between male and female earnings. There is an argument that the debate is much more nuanced than the headline figures suggest and that they mask a number of deeper, structural shifts in employment patterns.
The assessment is:
1. Critically evaluate the concept of the gender pay gap.

3. To what extent could it be argued that the existence of a gender pay gap represents a failing on the part of the HR function?
See: The National (2018) Draft law brings UAE closer to ensuring equal wages for men and women available: https://www.thenational.ae/uae/government/draft-law-brings-uae-closer-to-ensuring-equal-wages-for-men-and-women-1.720305

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