“Power, Politics, and Conflict: Can’t We All Just Get Along?”


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“Power, Politics, and Conflict: Can’t We All Just Get Along?” Please respond to the following:

Watch the video titled “Using positive power and politics” (3 min 8 s), located at http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Using-positive-power-politics/126132/182373-4.html?org=strayer.edu. Based on this week’s readings and the video, break down the ethical considerations that an organizational leader should contemplate prior to using political power that will impact organizational stakeholders.
Consider a conflict that you or someone that you know is currently experiencing at work. Using the conflict process discussed in the text, recommend an approach for resolving the conflict. Propose the conflict management techniques that you believe would be most effective to achieve the desired outcome(s) of your recommendation.

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