PowerPoint presentation to analyze Hamlet as an indecisive man.

PowerPoint presentation to analyze Hamlet as an indecisive man

Create a creative and attractive 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes on each slide, and appropriate images, video, audio, or graphics, in which you address the following:

I need a one who is really familiar with Hamlet and have watched the versions of movie both of Mel Gibson’s version( 1990) and Kenneth Bragnagh’s version ( 1996). You should both provide me the text of your research and the PowerPoint.You should construct PowerPoint in mainly six perspectives that I attached, besides introduction and conclusion. In each perspective, you should stated evidence from textual and also the movie evidence from Bragna’s and Mel Gibson’s version, by using mini-clips ( more focus on movie evidence). And you also should add appropriate images, background music or animation effects in slides to make it more interesting. The final purpose of the project is to present the deeply reasons why Hamlet acted as such an indesive man. This suppose to be an interesting power point, a boring one would not be accepted.

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