prepare a project paper at the end of this course, which includes data collection, data analysis using an intelligence (analytical) technique depending on your project which you will learn throughout the semester.

You will start from a problem and find a solution through intelligence and data sources in each step.
Your paper must be 8-10 pages explaining your problem and how you collect the data to find a solution for that specific problem. You can also use various charts, tables and models to present your analysis. You may choose your topic from the following strategy documents: National Drug Control Strategy (2016); The National
Intelligence Strategy of the United States of America (2014); National Defense Strategy (2018); National Security Strategy (2017). Here are some topics that you may choose from these documents depending on your priority: Drug Policy, Criminal Cartels, Border Security, Nuclear Energy Program, Terrorism, Cybersecurity, Ethnic Tensions and Conflicts, Cryptocurrency, Illegal Migration, Radicalization, Xenophobia, Human Trafficking etc. The topic is your choice. You will follow the following steps for a Policy Analysis, which are supported by information, data and intelligence (adapted from Bardachs Eight-Step Path of Policy Analysis). Define the Problem (How do you know that it is a problem-Collect data)Assemble Some Evidence (Information gathering and data analysis)Construct the Alternatives (What are the solutions-How do you find the solutions)Select the Criteria (What is your criteria to choose that solution)Project the Outcomes (What are the outcomes) Confront the Tradeoffs (Evaluate your policy options; pros and cons) Decide (How do you decide and make a decision on a certain policy)Tell Your Story (Tell your policy and convince your audience, citizens or your boss).

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