Present the strengths and/or weaknesses of a particular intergovernmental organization (IGO), such as the United Nations, the World Bank, or NATO.

In addressing this topic, consider the motivations for entities to join into collective organizations: a common problem, collective access to goods, etc. You’ll also want to discuss bargaining within the IGO, rules and dispute resolution, information gathering, etc. What international laws (including customs, treaties, and authoritative bodies) affectthe IGOs, and how are the laws enforced? What is the incentive for the IGO member to follow the laws? Some of the advantages you may discuss are the IGO’s authority and permanence as well as the access to forums for discussion and information. IGOs can also be an alternative way to act collectively for the state, they can limit the power of the state, and they can provide an avenue for individual leadership. If you delve into the disadvantages, you may consider the limitations of membership, complexity andconflicts due to overlapping with other IGOs, and voting discrepancies due to power of the member in the IGO. Is it fair for certain entities to be excluded from IGOs? Can the IGO overextend its boundaries?2.Analyze an international issue through a particular theoretical perspective, for example, through a realist, liberal, or radical interpretation.Your particular theory will play a big part of how you perceive and react to international relations; for example, you may question whether change is possibleor even desirable. If you choose to discuss the issue through the realism approach, you want to discuss the roleof the individual as a selfish, power-seeking entity functioning within a state that acts as one voice, and how they seek to fulfill national interest. A liberalist perspective should stick to the premise that people are basically good and moral, and that we develop institutions to bring out the best in people in order to deal with society’s problems. You may also analyze the issue through a mixture of different theoretical perspectives.3.Is globalization a positive phenomenon? If yes, why do we see so many protests against it?Use at least two theoretical perspectives to explain globalization.
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