Reflect on how you can positively apply to your life something you learned in this course.

The main goal of this assignment is to get you to reflect on how you can positively apply to your life something you learned in this course.

he materials that you will need are:
1) Your life (to which to apply a psychological concept);
2) Your brain (to do the thinking), and
3) Class materials for citation (e.g., textbook, demonstrations (in-class or online), lectures, or videos.
You will need to provide specific references. For the textbook, simply use the author name and relevant page number; for lectures, note the professor and lecture topic); for videos, provide the title or topic as best you remember it. Put references in parentheses immediately after using them. Here are some examples: (Prof. Melcher, memory lecture); (Ciccarelli, p. 278); (video about Clive, the amnesic man).

Please use the guidelines in the following section to write a 400-750 word essay about an idea from Psy 115 that you could apply, have applied, or would like to apply, to your life. Be sure that you illustrate it with examples. Because this may involve personal disclosure, we remind you that CPR uses totally anonymous evaluation.
1) Compose your essay in a word processor and save it as plain text, then pastie it into the CPR text entry box;
2) Remember to use HTML paragraph formatting tags to put a blank line between paragraphs (click the “Formatting Help” button to see a list of basic HTML codes).
3) Before you Submit your text, use the “Preview Text” button to see what your essay will look like to reviewers. You are responsible for formatting errors!

Ask yourself the following questions as you write and revise your essay. They specify exactly how the essays will be evaluated.

1. BACKGROUND/IDEAS/CONCEPTS: Did I clearly identify the psychological concept, theory, or other knowledge? Did I describe it well enough so that someone who has not taken this class could understand the concept or phenomenon?

2. SUPPORTING DETAIL 1: Did I cite at least one specific concept, fact, quote, or other information from the textbook, a lecture, class demonstration and/or a video?

3. SUPPORTING DETAIL 2: Did I illustrate my essay with a real or hypothetical example from my life (i.e., an incident, a problem, a personality characteristic, etc.)

4. APPLICATION: Did I indicate how I have, could, or will apply this knowledge to my life?

5. ORGANIZATION: Is my essay well-organized so that it flows well and is a pleasure to read? Does it have topic sentences that introduce the paragraphs? Do the paragraphs stay with the topic sentences? Does it “flow”? Did I ask someone to read it and point out any confusing areas?

6. WRITING: Does my essay read like a rough draft or does it show evidence of some editing and crafting?

7. VOICE: Does my “voice”, come through in the essay. Are my readers likely to get the impression that I am sincere and that I have made a meaningful connection with the topic? Do I sound engaged and interested…or flat and mechanical…just going through the motions?

You may revise and resubmit your essay in CPR as often as you like up to the text entry deadline.

ere are some suggestions to get you started with your essay, though, of course, you may use any approach you wish.
1) “One could consider Psych 115 to be like an owner’s manual for one’s body, mind, and spirit. One of the things that I have learned that will help me to get the ‘best mileage’ out of my life is . . ..”

2) “As a result of taking this course I have come to appreciate how I can apply the concept of _____________ to my life.”

3) Begin with an anecdote or situation that defines or illustrates the concept around which you want to build your essay.

Required Text Entry Length: 400 to 750 words

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