Report on the role of small business in a particular industry.

My small industry topic: Residential Building Construction
The paper should be a report on the role of small business in a particular industry. Student papers will be organized around a class project of study of small business. And you should determine the outline and approach of your paper

—Go to Analysis Occupational Employment Statistics of Residential Building Construction. It should be one part in my paper.

My class is talking about small business. I have post my class note (10 ppt), you can check those.

Here are minimum standards:
The paper should comprise no less than 1200 words. Bibliographies are required but do not count toward the 1200 words. In your paper you should use 2-4 sources (short quote). The sources should be acknowledged in your text and listed in your bibliography. Lectures, handouts and discussions with the instructor do not count as a source
Otherwise, a source is appropriate if 1) it is a book or newspaper or news magazine that has at some time been published in print and was written by a recognized authority (though you may retrieve it online), 2) has been published in a refereed research journal, or 3) is a product of a recognized public authority with responsibilities for policy toward small business, such as the United States Small Business Administration, or equally recognized nonprofit organization. Remember that a paper written to minimum standards is likely to get a minimum grade. However, the quality of the content and analysis are the most important bases for grading. In other words, you won’t get much of a grade if you don’t have anything much to say.

a. The point of a writing assignment is for you to get practice in writing, not pasting.
b. Pasting is a slippery slope that may leave you with plagiarism despite your intention to “clean it up” by putting in quotation marks or “paraphrasing.” You may forget, and anyway “paraphrasing” is still plagiarism. Students have been failed for this reason.

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