Salinity What is salinity and how and where does it impact the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin?

Blue Green Algae What causes Blue Green Algae? How does BGA impact the Murray-Darling Basin? What are the solutions? Where do the outbreaks occur?

Weirs / Water Flow What is the purpose of weirs? When and why were they constructed? How have these impacted on the water flow of the Murray River (present a balanced view useful and non-useful outcomes)

Introduced Species What were the common introduced species? How were they introduced? Describe the impact of the introduced species on the Murray Darling system (present a balanced view useful and non-useful outcomes)

Agriculture in the Murray-Darling Basin What industries draw on water from the MDB? How is Irrigation and Farming Practices regulated? Which States/Territories benefit the most from the MDB? Are there any conflicts relating to using the MDB for agriculture and what solutions are available?

Recreational Use/Overuse Who uses the MDB for recreation? What is the impact of human recreational use? How is this regulated?

Indigenous uses of the Murray-Darling Basin Describe the historical significance of the MDB to Indigenous people of South Australia. Relate the Dreamtime story to the MDB and describe the flora and fauna that can be found along the MDB.

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