Scholarly Practitioner Project (SPP)

Scholarly Practitioner Project (SPP)

This week, you submit your completed Scholar-Practitioner Project. Refer to the “Scholar-Practitioner Project (SPP) Guidelines” Document from your Learning Resources.

The project will consist of three elements:

Part 1A: Public Health Initiative Approval (Week 2)
Part 1B: Economic Analysis of the Initiative of Choice (Week 5)
Part 2: Financial Accounting Analysis (Week 9)
Part 3: Alternative Funding Sources (Week 11)
See below for additional details on what to include in Part 3.

Part 3: Alternative Funding Sources

For this part of your Scholar-Practitioner Project you will evaluate funding sources for the public health initiative you selected in Week 2. Then, you will submit a mock grant proposal for an appropriate grant to supplement or allow expansion of your selected public health initiative.

The proposal should include:

The public health initiative’s purpose, background, goals, and objectives
A description of the funding sources you selected and explanation of why you selected it over others
Eligibility and selection criteria for the funding source
An explanation of the funds needed and how the funds may be used
The adjusted total 5-year budget you completed in week 9 (include all instructor recommendations)

Part 3 Assignment length: 5–7 pages

Scholar-Practitioner Project length: 16–18 pages total

Submit your complete Scholar-Practitioner Project by Day 7. Be sure to address instructor feedbacks on your Project Submissions from Weeks 5, 9, and 11.

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