Share your perspective on the analysis of the Chattanooga Ice Cream Division.


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There are no specific page requirements; however, 6+ pages, excluding cover and reference pages, is an appropriate baseline for a case analysis of the Chattanooga Ice Cream Division.

1. Share your perspective on this case:

a. Why was this team dysfunctional? Please explain.

b. How did Charles Moore’s leadership style contribute to the team’s dysfunction? Please explain.

2. Discuss what this group of employees themselves could do to better understand the perspectives of each other and their boss.

3. Make specific recommendations about what Moore should do now to help his team work together and resolve conflicts more effectively. Consider the following points:

a. What are short-term goals, mission, or vision statements that could galvanize the commitment of all employees and especially your senior leadership team? How would you facilitate buy-in by all team members?

b. What would you do to build and maintain trust among all employees to ensure you fulfill your mission and achieve your vision?

c. What are the values, beliefs, and behaviors of the existing organizational culture as it relates to collaboration and cohesiveness? What must change and why if you are to not only survive, but thrive in your market segment?

d. As Charles Moore, what decisions will you make, how will you execute them, and how will you ensure a return to profitability within 6 months?

4. The case analysis should incorporate concepts and examples from the course lectures, discussions, videos, readings, and DiSC and TKI results.

Pay careful attention to the following:

1. Using the Strayer University Online Library, you must reference no less than five sources for your work in addition to the materials provided in this course. For two of these sources, please use only peer-reviewed or professional journal articles. Peer-reviewed articles can be found only in the Strayer Online Library and are not typically available through a Google search.

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