Sheriff argues that the Erie Canal turned out to evoke feelings of ambivalence (55) among the canals promoters. Progress turned out to have up sides and down sides. What aspects of the canal project evoked feelings of ambivalence? What canal developments inspired excitement and pride? Fear and opposition? Why?

Artificial River Paper

A three-page paper on Sheriffs Artificial River is due in recitation section on April 1. The paper should be double-spaced, using 12-point type, with one-inch margins all around. You do not need a bibliography. Please see the syllabus for instructions on handing in your paper to your t.a.

If you quote from Sheriff, you can indicate the page number in parentheses in the text. But all of you should see my posted handout on quotations and plagiarism to understand why using lots of long quotations is bad writing, why you need to use your own words to make your argument.

Your paper should have an introduction that does not just get the paper going; it should preview the papers major argument and provide a skeleton outline. Getting the intro right is key. Following the intro, your paper should make points methodically, with each paragraph making a clearly discernible point. Your conclusion recaps your argument.

Finally, use simple, straightforward language. Simple does not mean simple-minded. It brings clarity and even elegance to your writing.

Drawing on material from the entire book, not just a particular chapter, address one of the following:


(2) We argue about the governments proper role in the economy today, whether the subject is international trade agreements or tax incentives for new businesses in Buffalo. What was controversial about the governments role in the Erie Canal, and how did the different sides line up? What broader views of the role of government in the economy did these views represent?

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