State what organizatiion you are representing and your reasons for wanting to participate as a third party to this case (why is the outcome of this case important to your group?)

2) Your brief should follow this outline: brief restatement of facts, present constitutional questions to be addressed (a. whether the u.s. court of appeals in the 2nd circuit erred in rejeting the supreme court’s state actor tests and instead creating a per se rule that private operators of public access channels are state actors subject to constitutional liability; b. whether the u.s. court of appeals for the 2nd circuit erred in holding contrary to the u.s. courts of appeals for the 6th and district of columbia circuits that private entities operating public access television stations are state actors for constitutional purposes where the state has no control over the private enitity’s board or operations); analyze each of thos questions in light of constitutional precedent. As often as possible, refer to other supreme court precedents, then use those from the u.s. courts of appeal. decisions from u.s., district courts should be cited sparingly. With rare exception, state courts of last resort are not appropriate as sources of legal authority in supreme court cases. You must discuss ALL assigned questions, although they need not be discussed equally. Conclude your brief by urging the court to AFFIRRM or REVERSE the lower court opinion.
3)My grade on this assignment is determined by the writing quality of your paper and the substantive arguments you make therei

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