The New York Times Article “Trump Says if Attack on Kavanaugh Accuser Was as Bad as She Says,Charges Would Have Been Filed By Eileen Sullivan

Critical Comparison Essay AssignmentEnglish 101: Fall 2018Dr. Kunert-GrafIn this essay, you will select one of the three articles I provided to the class for “Article Summary #2,” and compare it to another article on the same topic that you’ve found on your own. This essay requires you to compare two (2) articles:1. You may choose to use the article you wrote about in “Article Summary #2” or select one of the other options.2. Use the Shoreline library databases to find another news article on the same topic. This second article should be published in a different newspaper and published within a week of the other.Your goal in this essay is to critically compare how multiple reporters cover the same type of events. Here are some questions to get you started:?How do the two articles structure information? Do they lead with the same facts or is there a difference in what they emphasize??What vocabulary do they use to describe their topic? Can you detect a point-of-view in their choice to use some phrases but not others??Who do they cite as sources? This essay should follow MLA formatting style, and be well organized, including an introduction paragraph, developed body paragraphs and a conclusion.4-5 pages double spaced.

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