” The President Proposes; Congress Disposes.” What does this mean exactly…give an example?

I do not need introduction, conclusion, student name, instructor, …etc! I am looking for straight answers!
The paper includes two parts:
1st part:You often hear the phrase, ” The President Proposes; Congress Disposes.” What does this mean exactly…give an example? One of the things I want you to pay attention to in your Anderson reading is just how much power the President actually has. Listening to Presidential Candidates, it’s easy to get confused.
here is the book: Harry Lawrence, (2013), Aviation and the Role of Government, 3rd ed., (Kendall/Hunt Publishing)

second part:This is a fairly important one. Define the difference between an “Authorization Bill” and an “Appropriation Bill.” Can you have one without the other? And, of course, what is the deadline for Congress to pass the budget? What happens if Congress does not pass the budget on time? These are complicated issues; but it’s important that you understand them. The FAA Reauthorization Bill is an example of this and it will impact most of you. The Budget Chapter is one of the most complex in the Anderson text…but it’s vital that you understand it. You’ll never understand how the U.S. Government works if you don’t understand the budget process

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