To demonstrate an understanding of the primary theoretical traditions of sociology in the analysis of the topic selected for your discussion:

Structural/functional theory (includes functions and structuralism);
Conflict/critical theory (includes conflict critical theory, feminist theory, queer theory, critical theories of race and racism, and postmodern theory);
Inter/actionist theory (includes symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, exchange theory and rational choice theory).
You may integrate one or more of the above primary theories in your discussion. Points for inclusion (not an exhaustive list).Identify the sociological issue/phenomena and the how it is defined including history and context.Identify pertinent factors attributed to the issue.Why is the issue of concern to sociologist now in history?What groups are affected by the issue/problem?The breath of the problem (i.e. statistics, sub-groups).The specific challenges you learned are being faced by the group/s affected.I wrote my paper about the sociology of abortion and I would like you to continue it. Here is the task. You do not need to use each theory or write about each point of inclusion. You can use as many sources as you want. You can also email me for sources because I have some extra. I want you to explain how the sociological theories apply to abortion. That is the MAIN task. The points of exclusion were not apart of the task but I added it to give the paper some length. Thank you very much.

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