We have read and discussed many studies about the socio-cognitive abilities in humans and non-human primates. What can the comparison of cognitive abilities in humans and non-human primates tell us about the evolution of human cognition?

Please answer the following four questions. Each answer should be no longer than 1 Word page and you should use Times New Roman font size 12.
References to articles and publications should follow APA style and you should make use of the assigned readings to answer your questions (but do not forget to
cite them when you do!)
2. Discuss apes gaze following abilities in light of what we know about children abilities to follow others gaze. How do apes and children gaze following abilities differ and how does this ability develop throughout ontogeny?3. Discuss Krupenye et al., 2016 results in light of previous research on Theory of Mind (ToM) in Great Apes and infants studies. How did Krupenye et al., 2016 challenged previous findings on ToM?4. Do Great Apes gesture in a declarative and referential manner? Discuss the question in line with Tomasello and Call (2018) and Bohn, Call and Tomasello (2015).The readings and materials(powerpoints) are in addtional files and week1.pptx can be used in question1, week2 used for Q2. BUT WEEK3 FOR Q4 and WEEK4 for Q3

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