Were the musicians “engaged” or did they appear to be going through the motions of performing. Did they communicate subtly with each other while performing. Did they simply provide music or did they actively communicate with their audience. Did they seem polished and skilled?

Writing Your Critique
Your paper should be three full pages in length (approximately 280 words per
page), double-spaced, written in 12 pt font, and must conform to MLA
guidelines. Do not use extra spaces between paragraphs
Consider your paper a reaction paper that chronicles the history of your
attendance from an experiential standpoint. You can include information on
your thoughts and feelings about the event as you prepared to attend,
attended, and returned from the event. Your experiences as you transitioned
from home to the event are of interest to your readers, providing a sense of
“being there.”
You should describe the setting for the event. Your work should detail the
type of venue you attended and include information related to the purpose
of the event. You should think about the journalistic questions of “who,
what, when, where, and why,” for this part of your work. Be specific about
when and where the event occurred.
You should describe the performers and include information about
instrumentation, setting, costuming, and stage behavior. Here are some
things to think about:

Describe in detail one or two songs that you especially liked. Were particular
musicans featured in solos? What was the style of the music? What was it that
you enjoyed about these songs?
Describe the makeup and behavior of the audience. Did they attend to
the music or treat it indifferently? With regard to the event, was the
music the primary or secondary focus?
Did you enjoy the event? What was it that made it enjoyable or not
enjoyable? What do you recall most vividly about the experience? You may
find it helpful to reflect upon the event for a few days, prior to completing
your paper.

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