Westphalian system, the Vienna system, the inter-war years (Versailles system), post-war, and post-cold war. For which is the neorealist approach most applicable in explaining international relations? Explain.

Which of the neorealist or structural realists theorists that we have discussed provides the most persuasive analysis for happened during that period? Demonstrate using an empirical example. 2. Perform the same analysis that you did above for the neoliberal institutionalist approach. 3. Robert Keohane presented the concept of complex independence. What is complex interdependence, according to Keohane? For which of the epochs listed above is it most applicable? For which is it least applicable? Does complex interdependence make force more or less fungible? Explain, using an empirical example. 4. Select the theory or, theorist, whose views best account for what you see as the proper approach for conducting statecraft today? Select the theory or, theorist with whom you disagree the most. Use their competing theoretical approaches on how statecraft should be conducted to explain what should or should not be done in a contemporary circumstance. Explain your answer. 5. Discuss the basic precepts of Economic Structuralism. Does this image provide sound rationale for abandoning the positivist assumptions of realism and liberalism? Explain. Support your position by identifying a situation in international affairs. It can be past or present. Provide positivist and economic structuralist interpretations of that situation. Which provides the most plausible account? Explain. 6. What is it about Alexander Wendts discussion in Anarchy Is What States Make of It that contributes to constructivism? Does his discussion potentially contribute to neoliberal institutionalist thought? Explain. Cite as a case study how an application of Wendts analysis might explain the success or failure of a particular international organization. 7. Is force more or less salient as a determinant of world affairs in the 21st century than it was in the 20th? Think carefully before answering this question. Provide an instance where the use of force has been considered in the 21st century to make your point. If the utility of force has declined, provide your alternative. 8. Identify what you would regard as the issue in global affairs that requires the most immediate attention of global leaders. What would you argue is the most sound approach to addressing that issue? Be sure to consider all of the images provided by Viotti when making your selection. Is this an issue that lends itself more to a unilateral or multilateral solution? Explain. Discuss an issue that is overstated in its importance. Take it through the same steps. 9. Of Kenneth Oyes prescriptions for mitigating anarchy, which would you argue is most applicable to addressing an international issue today. Cite and an international issue and efforts to address it applying how an Oye prescription might apply. Be sure to be analytical. Is there any evidence that efforts at mitigating anarchy have been made? Have they been successful? Explain.

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