What are some issues managers face when leading a diverse workforce?

Project 1. Please write single space a response to the following question This reflection does not require APA formatting: What are some issues managers face when leading a diverse workforce? Please provide 2 sources. Please response to this question as if you were responding to a topic. Project one does not need an abstract. Just the response.

Project 1.2 This response is the same as the above. Please response to the following question with 2 sources. Here is the response question? “If you do not like a change that is being contemplated by senior management in your organization, what should/can you do?

Project 2. Write a two-page reaction paper to the question: “Is accommodating workforce diversity a luxury or a necessity?” In addition to your textbook, include at least two outside references following APA format. Please make sure you add an abstract page to only this assignment, not project ONE.

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