What can past calls 911 calls for Police Services to a location tell a Detective who is at that location investigating a crime ?

Assignment #6 covers both Chapters 6 Follow – Up Investigation & Chapter 7 Social Media Your assignment is to read both chapters 6 & 7 then answer the following questions based on your readings. For full credit you must answer each question and also include the question details before your answers.

2. List the six types of canvasses (SHAVES) discussed in Chapter 6. Students should fully understand the details of these canvases but only have to list them by name for this question.

3. Why is a Parolee an excellent source of information for an Investigator?

4. The media can be very helpful when attempting to solve a case and releasing information to the media in a timely fashion is important, however all Investigators should be aware of the five rules to use when dealing with the media as discussed by the author of our textbook. What are the five rules Investigators must be mindful of when dealing with the news media?

5 a) What is the function of The U.S. National Central Bureau of Interpol?
b) What is the difference between a Red Notice and a Blue Notice when working with Interpol.

6. Are Detectives allowed to use fake profiles when conducting investigations on the internet? Why or Why not?

7. What is OPSEC? What does it look to protect?

8. Name the Big Six social media platforms investigators should have a good working knowledge of.

9. Name the three current evidence trends in criminal investigations that the author refers to as the “Forensic Horseman” .

10. A Social Media Investigative team is an important part of a Police agencies investigative tools. List the eight important tasks they perform.

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