What demographics are you trying to reach (age, gender, class)? o What terms/jargon do you plan to use?

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4106601/ Part I: Pre-write Refer to the following strategies discussed in your textbook and choose either o Free-writing o Clustering o Listing o or Questioning Your prewriting MUST be substantive. Show that you have seriously considered all aspects of your topic. Make sure that you also label the technique (freewriting, clustering, listing, or questioning) you have used and dont limit yourselflet your ideas flow! There are no right or wrong concepts or ideas in prewriting. You can use the samples given in your text or use the sample in this weeks lesson to help guide your writing. Remember: In the coming weeks, you narrow your approach as you continue developing the ideas that you begin in this week. Part II: Audience Analysis and Diction As you work on your pre-write, consider your approach to your essay, who is your audience? Note: Avoid a simple response such as everyone. You would want to choose a response that is well-thought out, such as, My audience is kids who are ages 58 years and who have never known their father. They have been living primarily with. They live in an area of town that. Their home situation is Their schooling situation is Write a paragraph to address all of the following questions (at minimum: 5-7 sentences) while applying the grammar concepts you learned this week: o Profile your reader. Who are they? How do you plan on presenting them? o How will you approach more technical/difficult concepts in your paper? o Describe how you plan to integrate a formal academic tone into your essay (What might be some of the formal characteristics you would use?). Part I: Pre-write [Begin your pre-writing here] Please, read the instructions correctly, write Part 1 and part 2, using the instructions correctly, use the questionning strategy or the freewriting, only one. Write a half page only following the guidelines precisely.

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