What does the story of Jacaqueline’s blue sweater represent? What does it mean to live in an interconnected world?

Books The Blue Sweater by Novogratz and Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (Repko) Directions: Write a minimum of three pages that reflects on the topic listed below. This reflection will enable me to get a sense of your thinking around the reading what themes you identified, what lessons you learned, how the readings helped you rethink your own assumptions and practices, how you see the reading relating to what weve studied about interdisciplinary studies so far. Analytical Reflection Paper: This paper should be typed and formatted in 12 point font (Times New Roman/) with one-inch margins. All sources should be correctly cited in APA style. Each paper needs a thesis statement, solid opening, and conclusion. The points you make in the body of the paper should be well supported and include a minimum of four direct quotes from the readings and should incorporate connections to what weve read in the Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies text by Repko as well. Address the following: This assignment combines elements of what is called a critical book review and standard elements of a summary book review. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have read The Blue Sweater and that you can identify crucial parts of the text that have not only been meaningful to you but also link back to the Allen Repko text/chapters about what interdisciplinary studies is. The review should be divided into the following parts: Introduction: one paragraph Summary: one to two paragraphs (this should be brief!) Discussion: two to three pages addressing two of Novogratzs arguments regarding aid, development, and the local-global continuum. Use quotations from the text with page numbers and make strong connections to interdisciplinary studies. You may also choose one of the following questions to expand on: Does privilege automatically disqualify a person from effectively running a program that serves the poor? How should we think about diversity when building organizations? When does it strengthen organizations? Can its pursuit ever weaken them? What role do communities have to play in the fight against poverty? Why is this important? One theme is the importance and power of listening to others. What are some examples from the book of either failure to listen or success in listening? Can you think of some instances from your own life where listening more or less might have changed an outcome? Conclusion: one paragraph that provides a general comment about the text, its value or problems. Identify whether her perspective on development is similar to or different from yours.

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