What ethical principles need to be considered?

750-1000 words
it doesn’t matter how many sources you use (use APA style)
Week #08 — for this reflection, find a story in the news about business and ethics. For example, back in August, Merv Tweed resigned his seat as the Member of Parliament from Brandon-­‐Souris to become the President of railway company Omnitrax Canada. Many people see this as an ethical issue—Mr. Tweed used to chair the parliamentary transportation committee and before that the agricultural committee, thereby putting him in a possible conflict of interest.
Précis (summarize) the story. DO NOT COPY THE STORY word for word or copy/paste the story into your reflection—summarize it. Next, use the ethics frameworks discussed in lecture in LEC 06 to discuss whether or not you feel there is an ethical issue and how it should be resolved. What ethical principles need to be considered? What is the nature of the issues in the story? If you were part of the organization(s) involved, how would you resolve them? Would you do things differently? If so, how so? If not, why not?
As mentioned before in the original ePortfolio document…

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