What is cooperative learning? Do you think it is an effective teaching strategy? How often should teachers use cooperative learning?

Education Plan

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No matter how carefully you plan the use of technology in your classroom – and no matter how well you feel students will participate and respond – something will go awry. You must be prepared for these things. This week, prepare an analysis of, and solutions to, the possible obstacles you and your students may face when using various technology tools in your classroom. This analysis/solution information should be organized in a way that provides at-a-glance assistance when you encounter these (or similar) problems. Consider organizing your ideas in a table (as suggested below) or some other graphical format. Include the following obstacles/problems in your analysis (though add more depending on the types of tools you normally – or would like to – use, school policies, target audience, etc.). Consider sitting down with your IT or educational technology coordinator to brainstorm possible obstacles and solutions. In your analysis address:

Student misuse/abuse of the technology and/or information
Access issues (do students need to register or “sign up” to use your selected tool? How will you address student access to technology/the Internet outside of school? What is the ability of the IT infrastructure to handle multiple students accessing the Internet, etc.?)
Hardware/Software issues (devices don’t work; digital tool is malfunctioning; students can’t remember passwords, etc.)
Materials (check to see all online materials you want to use to teach your selected concept/standard are accessible at school; if they are blocked by the school’s firewall, determine why. Re-evaluate if the materials/tools you want to use violate any aspect of CIPA or your school’s tech plan. If you find that your materials/tools are in compliance, how will you secure consistent access to them in your classroom?)
Support – who can you contact if you experience technical difficulties or student misbehavior with the technology tool(s)?



Support Person/Help Materials

Ideas to reduce the likelihood of recurrence

Homework 1

1) Discuss classroom engagement strategies that are appropriate to students’ developmental levels and that encourage critical thinking.

2) What is cooperative learning? Do you think it is an effective teaching strategy? How often should teachers use cooperative learning?

Homework 2

For this assignment, focus on the group of students in your program of study.

You have been asked by your principal to develop a student engagement strategies presentation for use in a professional development workshop for first-year teachers.

Choose eight strategies you believe are critical for engaging students in the learning process. Five of the eight strategies must be from “The Structural Approach to Cooperative Learning.”

Create a 10-15 slide presentation that includes the following:

Title and references slides

Explanation of each strategy in your own words

Classroom arrangements that are best for each engagement strategy

Slide notes explaining how you would implement each strategy in your future classroom.

Your “Student Engagement Strategies” will be part of your Personal Classroom Management Plan

Ensure it is well-written, organized and adheres to APA Requirements.

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