What is the purpose of the research?

Please read the instructions carefully and ask me if you have any question.

Students are to choose and read one of the presented articles and answer the essay questions from below. The articles are empirical in nature and were written for a captivated audience hence, many may find certain parts of the readings difficult to understand (i.e., the results section). Students may want to focus on the Introduction (describes the issue and surveys previous studies), Methods (describes how this particular study was carried out), and Discussion (interpretation of the study and what the results may mean) sessions in order to get a general understanding to of the article. Write an essay (for each article chosen)—in your own words—that addresses the following questions:

1. What is the purpose of the research?

2. What type of research method was used (e.g., description of subjects, how many, how were they selected; what apparatus or materials were used, and procedures).

3. Identify the independent variable(s) & dependent variable(s)

4. What were the main results?

5. How does the research relate to topics you’ve learned in your course (be specific)?

6. How does the research apply to your everyday life experiences (be specific)?

Be sure to include as a cover sheet (this page does not count toward the minimum 2 page limit) the following:

Your name, student ID number, instructors name and course number
article’s title, authors, and date of study

All papers must be submitted to YOUR PSY 100 INSTRUCTOR by the last regular scheduled day of classes (not including study period or finals week) by 5pm.

The paper should at least be two pages and written without excessive spelling errors, poor grammar, and punctuation. Please note that all essays must be original and done independently from other students. If any form is plagiarized from another student and/or some outside source, students may risk disciplinary action that is not limited to the following: an incomplete for the course; failing the course, and/or suspension from the university. Non-compliance of any of the aforementioned rules and the paper will not be accepted and graded as an incomplete paper.

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