What is the strongest argument, in your mind, in favor of keeping the Electoral College as our method of selecting the president?

1. Answer the two questions below.
1. What is the strongest argument, in your mind, in favor of keeping the Electoral College as our method of selecting the president?
2. What is the strongest argument, in your mind, in favor of eliminating the Electoral College as our method of selecting the president (and adopting some other method of selection, such as the winner of the popular vote)?

2. Write a short response to the posting below:
The Framers’ intent was that the president would be selected by his peers. These would be individuals who would know the candidates and know their character, both good and bad. The Electoral College evolved from this ideal. To some extent, this holds true today. Presidential hopefuls meet with delegates as well as other members of their party in order to win their support as they campaign prior to the primary. The United States is now a very large country and these interactions with delegates as well as others involved in their party probably gives a closer outcome to what the Framer’s intended. Some of this is negated because in some states or parties, have open primaries. Candidate outcomes can be manipulated by people who may not even support the party candidate but are trying to influence the outcome. Also, in many states it is a winner-takes-all of the delegate votes of their party after the primary. So the delegates themselves have very little say in who the candidate will be from their party. Some states have addressed this matter and giver proportionate delegates to the top vote getters. The mob selection process that the Framers were most concerned about is somewhat negated in the system we have today.
To some degree the Electoral College is no longer operating as it was conceived and perhaps is now outdated. The Framers probably never could have imagined mass media as it is today in the world of instant information. The primary/caucus results of the two states of New Hampshire and Iowa often influence voters around the country because they are first in the nation. Those candidates that have a good showing in these states often do well throughout the presidential election season because of the psychological effect that everyone wants to support a winner. In winner-take-all delegates states which is the majority of the states, candidates that can get out front will more than likely win all the delegates of a state. Yet, they may have only won those delegate votes by a very small margin. Therefore, in a hotly contested race for president, a candidate can conceivably win by a huge margin of electoral votes and lose the popular vote. Since the majority of delegates no longer directly control the outcome by direct vote, the process appears to be mostly unnecessary.

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