What is your opinion of the article? Was it written well? Did it convince you? Were you surprised by the findings??

Be based on your primary article. Do not use secondary sources to answer the questions below. Secondary sources can only be used to supplement your presentation. be between two-three pages long.
TOPIC: Critique on Sensory Developmentfollowing Topic CHOOSEN IS; Near Death Experience and role of Biology
the article IS HERE:https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/04/the-science-of-near-death-experiences/386231/
include a critique of the article from the viewpoint of a scientist seeking the truth by answering in detail, the following questions.
Who is the audience for the article (e.g., parents, teachers, adolescents)?
What is the topic of the article? What are some examples of information provided?
Does the article emphasize heredity (nature) or environment (nurture)?
What domain of development does it refer to (physical, socioemotional, cognitive)?
Does the article rely on scientific findings, expert opinion, or case example?
Do the conclusions of the articles seem valid?

In a concluding paragraph(s), give your personal evaluation of what was covered in the article and whether it advances our knowledge and understanding of child development
include a copy of the article as well as a reference page citing the source of the article (name of journal, author, publication date & etc.)

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