what issues are doctors worried about in the 2013 session of the legislature?

Answer the following 3 questions with 1 paragraph each. The only sources to use is the website the instructor provided and the text book for the class but the text book is quoted in the text. The answers have to mention something specific that is in the article to back up the answer provided.
The Texas Medical Association represents the state’s doctors before the state government, especially the legislature. On its website, the TMA discusses how grassroots action can help promote the interests of the medical profession in the state.

Read the Grassroots page on the TMA website http://www.texmed.org/Grassroots_Issues.aspx. The TMA also has pages that discuss their “First Tuesday” program http://www.texmed.org/firsttuesdays/ and give pointers on how a doctor can be an effective grassroots lobbyist to a member of the Texas legislature http://www.texmed.org/Template.aspx?id=5455.

Read through the “First Tuesdays” page. According to this page, what issues are doctors worried about in the 2013 session of the legislature? According to the page, how can the grassroots efforts of doctors help influence the legislature on these issues?

The TMA holds lobby days in which large numbers of doctors and medical students show up at the state capitol. Why do you think that the TMA wants to focus their efforts on a few specific days? Why is this an effective strategy for an interest group?

Your textbook identifies TMA as a “professional group” that “represents the interests of the medical community in state government.” The TMA has professional lobbyists whose job it is to influence the legislature. Why do you think that the TMA emphasizes grassroots lobbying as a supplement to their professional efforts?

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