What kind of negative impact, if any, can economic status have on drug use? Explain in detail.

Drug use and addiction

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Age, gender, race, mental health status, economic status and family bond all have some impact on drug use and addiction.

You are working in a halfway house for inmates that accepts low-risk offenders. The home will take inmates who are occasional drug users but not drug addicts due to risk management issues. They take into consideration the above factors of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, family bond, and mental health disability of each inmate as it relates to their drug use and addiction in order to screen out higher risk inmates that might compromise the security of their home.

Assignment Guidelines

Select two of the following factors of drug use and addiction:
Mental health status
Economic status
Family bond
Address the following in 7 pages
For each of your selected factors:
With regard to drug use, abuse and addiction:
What positive influence can this factor have? Explain.
What kind of negative impact, if any, can the factor have on drug use? Explain in detail.
What kind of negative impact, if any, can the factor have on drug addiction? Explain in detail.
How are factors that influence drug use different from those that influence drug addiction? Explain in detail.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

APA format. 7 pages. 5 references cited throughout the paper. Abstract and reference page.

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