What political or social ramifications are interesting to you about the reading? Does it remind you of anything that you have experienced or read about in another context?

Authors usually write books or articles in order to convince the reader of something. As you read, keep asking yourself, What is the main point? What is the author trying to convince me of? No matter how complicated and long the argument is, there is always amain pointthat can be summarized briefly. Caution: Telling me what the text isaboutis not the same as telling me what the author isarguing!Second,reactto the argument in some thoughtful manner. Your reaction can take many forms. For instance: Does the argument have political implications that are interesting to you? Are there parts of the argument you strongly agree or disagree with? If so, explain why and how you agree/disagree. What other questions are raised by the argument, sub-arguments, or proposals? Explain.In short, what I am asking you to do is (1) to figure out what the author is saying, (2) to reallythinkabout it, then (3) to make a written report on the explaining what you thought about.

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