What theological issues caused Martin Luther and his followers to break away from the Roman Catholic Church?

Writing Requirement:

Remember: you must complete this assignment in order to fulfill the Gordon Rule state requirement for this class, so if you do not complete it, you will fail the class. This is a Gordon Rule assignment, so in addition to content I will also grade spelling, neatness, organization, grmmnar, and punctuation.


This is a formal essay, so write it as such. Include and introduction, a conclusion, and be sure your grammar, spelling and punctuation are conect.
This paper must be at least 700 words.
Please submit only hard copies to me. Do not email me your paper. The paper is due before the exam begins, so bring a hard copy with you to the exam.
Use one inch margins.
Double space your work.
Indent paragraphs by five spaces only.
Do not include the question on the paper. If you do, it will not be included in your word count. You should also not include a title or your name in the word count.


Please plan ahead: You are required to submit your paper to SafeAssign. I suggest you do this at least two days in advance, in case parts of your paper are tagged as being plagiarized and you need time to rewrite them.

Instructions: (

After you have read it, answer the following questions. Yon must give detailed answers that include specifics from the reading.

Do not simply answer each question separately. This is an academic paper. Write an organized, coherent paper with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Do not use other sources! The answer should come solely from your mind, the powerpoint, and if needed, your textbook. That is ail! Let me be clear: do NOT use internet sources, period.


What theological issues caused Martin Luther and his followers to break away from the Roman Catholic Church? How did the religious beliefs and practices of Protestantism differ from those of Roman Catholicism? What conflicts arose clue to the rise of Protestantism, and what effect did those conflicts have on Western European culture? Defend your arguments.

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