What were some of the choices you made, photographically, in order to make the images you presented?

The final folio is an ongoing series of projects that you design (in consultation with academic staff) around a set theme or topic chosen from the list below. This is best undertaken throughout the semester, rather than at the end. This will allow you to explore and experiment a range of techniques and skills, as well as develop a more advanced way of thinking about your photography as you work through the course. All images must be taken within the semester dates.
There are two requirements for this assessment
Photographic Images –
Aseries of images responding to the topic of your choice (from the two options below)
Photographer’s Statement –
A short statement (between 150 and 250 words) outlining your concept andwhy you have chosen to work withthat theme
Requirement 1 – Photographic Images
ChooseONEof the following Topicsandsubmit 5 to 7 photographs, selected as the best images from your developed body of work throughout the semester.
Use theFlickrgroup page to post your works and see what other students think. Start working on this project early, and once you feel confident to photograph, head out and start shooting. Google the artists suggested here, and see if you can get some inspiration from their work.
IMPORTANT:The folio of work is designed to be a cohesive folio of photographic images responding creatively to the theme or concept you develop. There are many ways to photograph each of the topics, and how you decide to approach the topic forms part of the assessment.
Make sure you images are connected to a concept or response, and not simply 5 to 7 images that are not thematically connected.
TOPIC 1 – Exploring the urban landscape.
The urban landscape has been a popular site of inquiry for photographers, with a significant increase in photographers and artists working in this field over the last 30 years. Responding to simply questions, such as how we navigate, populate, construct and live in urban environments has resulted in some amazing photography.
Artists working with this theme include;
Robert Adams
NewTopographics: Photographs of a man-altered landscape
TOPIC 2 – Shadows, reflections &selfies.
Portraiture dominated early photography and it wasn’t long before the self portrait was a popular way for photographers and artists to develop skills and engage with experimental photography techniques. The global rise of theselfiesince the advent of camera phones has seen a massive ‘obsession’ with the self portrait. However, some artists over the years have used the ‘self’ in interesting ways to explore more complex ideas around who we are and how we appear to the world. The purpose of this topic is to encourage a more experimental approach to portraiture.
Artists working with this theme include;
Cindy Sherman
Larry Clarke
Clare Rae
To upload images for assessment, we use a combination of Blackboard and Google Drive. Watch the video in ‘Assessment Overview’ for instructions on how to upload assessments.
Requirement 2 – Photographer’s Statement
Write a short (150 to 250 words) statement outlining your choice of topic, andwhy you have chosen to work with that theme. Each of the topics are intentionally broad, allowing you to creatively approach the topic. For example, if you selectUrban Landscapeyou might want to photograph particular period of architecture, or public swimming pools, or theatre restaurants, or gardens, or shopping centres, or evidence of consumer greed, or evidence of cultural diversity (or not). Whatever you choose, the theme needs to be explained, and it needs to be evident in all the photographs you submit for the final folio.
Consider answering the following questions to write your statement;
1.What is the concept or idea you are exploring?
2.Why did you select this theme/concept, what was appealing about it for you?
3.What sort of things did you look for in order to find sites or subjects to photograph?
4.What other artists or photographers have worked with this (or a similar) theme, and what kinds of ideas did you get from looking at their work?

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