What were your original and, if any, revised goals and plans for this internship?

The following questions must be addressed in your final journal entry and must be the only questions addressed in your final journal entry. Write the entry in standard English, use paragraphs and use spell check. Don’t forget to check the formatting and specifications for journal entries below before you submit. This journal may not be submitted late as it is due for the last class meeting.
As preparation for answering these questions, read through your goal sheets and previous journal entries.
• What were your original and, if any, revised goals and plans for this internship?
• What was your personal system for ensuring that you accomplished your goals? Describe it. Did it work? If it didn’t, did you experiment with making it work?
• How do you feel about the results you achieved?
• What do you believe explains (are the reasons for) the results you achieved?
• What if anything would you do differently?
• What are the most important skills and knowledge you have gained during your internship, and how will these help you advance in your professional life?
• How have your actions changed, if at all, as a result of the learning you got from your internship experience?
• What about your internship has been different than you expected?

I will provide you Journal 1 to 3, please read through these journals and answer the questions, no sources are needed. Please ask me if there is anything you need to know

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