When setting goals during action planning, dates are established for what purpose?

Completion and reviewQUESTION 2
* When a team member does not buy into the process, one method of removing the individual is __________.
limited responsibility
increased participation QUESTION 3
* According to the textbook, the two most common follow-up methods for any team-building program are __________.
group interviews and phone calls
departmental meetings and emails
one-on-one interviews and follow-up team meetings
Skype and emailQUESTION 4
* Common goals or vision, valuing diversity, guidelines for work, and critiquing are all key ingredients for building __________.
constructive controversy
constructive criticism
creative controversy
creative managemen
* Disruptive conflict and hostility are based on the explanation of what theory?
Conflicting personalities
Compatibility theory
Clique managementQUESTION 6
* Since violated expectations often lead to conflict for individual and team relationships, explain some of the most common expectations that leaders and subordinates often violate. Share personal work-related or community-based examples to solidify your understanding of the concept. In addition, discuss how these types of problems were handled in your workplace or team-building scenario. Were the methods used correct or incorrect? Explain your answer.
* Your response should be at least 200 wordsQUESTION 7
* Select one of the team mediation techniques (negotiation, role clarification, or start-stop-continue), and describe how you would use this technique to defuse a team conflict situation. Include an example of one of the techniques that you have witnessed in your work environment.
* Your response should be at least 200 words
* Identify some of the sources of conflict often experienced in teams. Select one of the sources and describe an exercise the team could utilize to overcome the conflict.
* Your response should be at least 200 words

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