Why does Raskolnikov, commit the crime and than confesses?

why does Raskolnikov, commit the crime and than confesses? was it for morality reason or other reason?
: compare one work (or part) that we read together with another work (or part) that you will read independently; or discuss a work we have read together and relate it to a historical context/situation that raises similar questions (or choose another topic in consultation with me); at least two secondary sources are required, along with footnote citations to them.
please use the novel
1) Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, Fyodor
choose one of the articles which ever relates to the question
2) The Artistic Failure of crime and punishment by Hugh Mercer Curtler, The journal of Aesthetic Education , volume 38, number 1, spring 2004, pp 1-11 (article) published by university of Illinois press
OR Understanding Another’s wrongdoing by Christopher Cowley, philosophy and literature , volume 35, number 1, April 2011, pp 79-90 (article) published by The johns Hopkins university press

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