Wireless Networking Security Policy.

Networks provide the blood flow for the computing environment and must be managed efficiently around the clock. Networks are typically composed of hundreds or even thousands of miles of data arteries and veins. Each network component is designed to ensure that information continues to flow efficiently to all consumers. Note that the burden of maintaining this vital IT resource is left to the network administrators.

One important aspect of network security is having company policies in place that address all aspects of information security.  It is recommended that businesses create usage policy statements that outline users’ roles and responsibilities with regard to security.

You just started at Nitro Hardware Company as the Chief Information Officer. Nitro Hardware is a small family company that employs about 50 people. You check your IPhone and notice that the hardware company has several wireless access points that are not password protected. There are currently no network security policies in place.


Your first priority is to create a Wireless Networking Security policy for the company. This policy should provide the general user community with an understanding of the security policy, its purpose, guidelines for improving their security practices, and definitions of their security responsibilities. If the company has identified specific actions that could result in punitive or disciplinary actions against an employee, these actions and how to avoid them should be clearly articulated in this document.

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