Write 3-4 pages of analysis on the film (Film: City of God ).

Please write 3-4 pages of analysis on the film (Film: City of God ). NO SUMMARY of the film is needed (or wanted). We want your analysis of the film on issues relating to planning, design, environment, culture, and/or society. Be sure to write a very succinct paper with intro, body, and conclusion. Spend time checking grammar, punctuation, run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, and spelling. Here’s a paper structure hint that you may find helpful:
1. Think of a position on a major planning or related issue you would like to analyze for the movie.
2. Think of 2-4 statements that support your position.
3. In your intro paragraph, clearly state your position (identified in #1) and briefly mention your supporting statements (#2).
4. Each paragraph after your intro should be dedicated to explaining ONE of your supporting statements. You may use specific examples from the movie to provide further support and evidence.
5. Write a concluding paragraph that essentially wraps up your position, and ideally provides sheds sort of new light based on the arguments provided in the body of the paper.

Writing Guidelines and Suggestions

-Include your name, date, and class title (or professor) at the top of the paper
-Black Ink
-Printed on blank computer paper
-Include page numbers
-Staple, no paper clip
-Times New Roman font size 12 is generally standard.
-Double space
-Paragraphs should be indented
-Do not mess with the standard word processing margins already on the computer

Common grammar errors
-Formal papers do not use contractions (he’s, it’s, can’t, weren’t, etc.). Spell it out
-Make sure subject and verb agree.
-Keep tenses consistent. Do not flip flop between present and past tense at all. If you begin in the present tense stay in the present tense the entire paper.
-Paragraph lengths should be about 3-7 sentences. A paragraph should never be more than ½ a page.
-A new paragraph should be started every time you begin a new idea or introduce a new theme. If you are in doubt it is better to start a new paragraph.
-Sentence fragments are incomplete sentences. One of the easiest ways to connect them is to replace the period with a comma or just delete the period to connect the sentences. For example, “I need to find a new roommate. Because the one I have is not nice” should be written as “I need to find a new roommate because the one I have is not nice, for example.

Style Issues
-Avoid repetition of words or thoughts. If you have said something clearly, the reader will understand your point the first time. Also, do not use the same adjectives or verbs over and over. It is not only boring but makes the writer sound like they have no vocabulary.
-Use words with teeth. In other words, try to find the most descriptive adjectives and colorful verbs that you can. Did the man go to the store or did he sprint to the store? Was the author good or was the author eloquent?
-Overgeneralizations are really just unsupported statements. “Tijuana is all a filthy slum” is not necessarily true unless you back it up by proving that there are absolutely no nice places there. A better statement would be “The majority of Tijuana appears to be mostly filthy slum.”
-If you quote or summarize someone else’s work, cite. This includes any information found on the internet. It does not matter much which citation format you use (MLA, APA, Chicago, ASA, etc.), just as long as you cite.

# 1 biggest complaint
-FORMALITY. Do not write your paper like you are talking to a friend. Use of slang, jargon, and other informal language is inappropriate when writing academic papers. Write clearly, descriptively, and avoid using clichés. Try not to write in first person or introduce yourself into the paper (best done by avoiding using “I”)

If you are in doubt about something or need help
-Some students may not be proficient in English or the language…If this is the case be sure to have native English speakers read over your papers or take your paper to the writing center to go over it with them.

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