Write a letter related to legislative action needed in the mental health counseling field.

Counselor Advocacy through Legislative Influence: You will write a letter or email related to legislative action. You will need to explore the ACA/AMHCA and FMHCA association websites or the local or national NAMI to become aware of the need for various legislative actions. Examples include legislative actions that provide reimbursement for counselors services, that promote counselors rights to practice within the limits of their training (e.g.,counselors rights to use assessment instruments), that advocate for services for students in schools, that seek to expand services for clients who may be underserved, etc. To create a thoughtful and well-informed letter/email, YOU WILL NEED TO ENGAGE IN YOUR OWN RESEARCH on the subject and include that information in your letter/email with correct referencing of resources (you must cite at least two PROFESSIONAL references of research in the body of your letter and include a references page). You may not use a standard letter that an organization has prepared (this is plagiarism and will result in failure of the assignment and possibly the course). This letter/email must be in your own words. AN IMPORTANT HINT: Make sure you are writing to the appropriate level of government that can impact the issue you care about. For example, writing to a state legislator in Florida about Medicare reimbursement for Mental Health Counselors is inappropriate as Medicare is a federal program and state legislators cant impact it.

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