Write about literature and use the form of quotation and reference.

first these aspects must be under consideration for the writer : Arabic is my first spoken language and English is my second, so that means the writing does not have to be professional make it in stander level, simple and easy to understand. Otherwise, using some academic vocabulary, Grammar and format is important. About the Essay: “Mellow yellow” is a story will be in UPLOADED files. This question must be answered based on your reading ( Barry Callaghan’s “Mellow Yellow” is about a romance between Marie-Claire McBride and Conrad Zingg, who works as a traffic consultant. How does the story use the metaphor of traffic lights to describe their romance?) The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the ability to write about literature AND using the form of quotation and reference (not to be from somewhere only from the story UPLOADED.) Extra Information: Will upload PowerPoint about Literary Essay to take a look what to focus on THANKS
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