Write an essay about the blood volume regulation.

Write an essay about the blood volume regulation. What the general properties of the blood. How the blood volume is being regulated? what factors affect the blood volume?… etc

FORMAT:No specific format. We encourage you to include relevant and carefully selected diagrams, figures and illustrations. Self-drawn diagrams are acceptable, but any material (text or figures) that is based on others work must be appropriately acknowledged and cited (we will take a severe stance with plagiarism so make sure you read the warnings in the subject handout concerning this).

MARKING: You will need to show that you have a good understanding of the background theory to the topic to get good marks. You will also have to discuss your conclusions, whether the topic requires a description of some aspect, or if it asks you to respond to a question. In either case you need to summarise your work in the discussion. Proper referencing is essential for good marks.

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