Write an evaluation of a public event or of a legal decision (an election, a senate hearing, a supreme court decision). You should evaluate either the process itself (i.e. how the event was held, how participants behaved, choices that specific people/groups made, etc.) OR of the impact of the event/decision.

Choose from 1 of these 3 prompts Prompts 1.Write an evaluation of a public policy, social movement, or cultural trend. This may be a positive or negative evaluation. Please avoid the chestnuts of essay writing, such as abortion, gun control, testing in schools, food in schools, etc. 2.Write an evaluation of a social media app. This evaluation should include a discussion of ease of use, how it is used by consumers, impact of the app on society, and how it compares to other apps. Any claim made about the app (e.g. This app allows hate groups to promote their cause.) must include specific examples. Choose ONE and respond to it in an essay of approximately 750 words. One began, you will have three consecutive hours in which to complete this work.

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